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My name is Emmeline, and I love acting, gymnastics, making ballons, and most of all, working with young children!  I began making balloon designs when I was 10 years-old.  I got a balloon kit for my birthday, and my mother was amazed when I made all the balloon animals in the book.  From there, I made many crazy hats, lots of new designs, and even fun entertaining games.  My mother suggested that I could combine my love of working with children and balloon-making to entertain at Birthday Parties.  ​I liked the idea, so I have been practicing "my technique." 

I would love to come and make balloon animals or designs for your child's next birthday party.  I can also do some Balloon Magic Tricks and Balloon Science Demonstrations.  I even come with my own helper, or side kick.  I call her "Mom."  When she is not helping me, she works with children as a psychologist.


Please enjoy the pages on this site.  Also, the packages I offer are flexible.  Please contact us, or rather, Mom, to see how we can meet your child's birthday party needs.  Toodles!

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Emmeloons proudly uses balloons that are 100% biodegradable.
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